Building a deck in pokemon trading card game is just one of the most difficult tasks in playing pokemon card games. There are lots of decks out there yet, you are just limited to a total of sixty cards in the deck. With this in mind, how you will be able to put up the right pokemon cards or how many of each type?

There are three types of pokemon cards that will build your deck and these are the pokemons, the energy and the trainers.

When you're in the process of deciding which card to use in your deck, it is recommended that you focus on just a couple of attacking pokemons. The rest of the card should be utilized for support, that's to say that those pokemon shouldn't be used in inflicting damage but help you in getting your pokemon attacks in play.

It could sometimes be tempting to fill your deck with multiple attackers but you are going to succeed more by focusing your strategy on a selected couple of pokemons. You must run several of these pokemon, meaning, you must use at least 3 or 4 copies of the basic pokemon, 3 or 4 copies of evolutions. This is going to give you higher chances of getting the pokemons in play and at the same time, giving you higher chances of having several of this pokemons in play. More of this are accessible at Additionally, you will have to work out specific numbers in order to see what will work best for you. An ideal total for the number of pokemons used in your deck must be around 17 to 23.

Next, you have to pick which energy you like in your deck. Naturally, you'll want to match the energy with a couple of types of attacking pokemon in yoru deck. The overall number of energy used in your deck may range from around 14 to 16 but, the totals lower than those numbers could be more effective depending on which pokemone you are using.


Last but not the least, fill the remaining numbers of your deck with the trainer cards. You want to make use of approximately 21 to 29 trainer cards. A nice chunk of that quota must be trainers that are allowing your pokemon in play faster. Many of the supporter cards could help you in achieving this. Make sure that you use at least several trainers with abilities that could help you in removing damage, switching your pokemon around or recovering knocked out pokemon.