You may potentially be an avid pokemon card game collector or you may be a big fan of this franchise. But when it comes to playing the actual card game, then you may be lost easily. If you think that you will become a successful player automatically by having abundance of card collection, you're wrong. Pokemon trading card games typically requires more time than amassing the shiniest and rarest decks.

Having said that, how does a person will be able to tell if the deck of card  or even a specific card has a good chance of winning or not? Whether you believe it or not, there are three important things that must be considered to know whether a card is a good one or not. 

Number 1. Attack Efficiency

The first property that any card player has to take a good consideration on is the damage that it can generate per energy cost. The best and the more powerful pokemon cards could do extensive damages in exchange for little energy cost. This is actually constant throughout the duration of the trading card game.

It does not actually matter if the pokemon card is an evolution, a basic, a common or even a super rare card. If it does great damage for every energy card than other cards you have, then quite likely, it is a good card to have. Find out further data about this at If the card's damage to energy requirement ratio isn't that good on the other hand, then you may like to think carefully before you use it.

Number 2. Poke Powers and Poke Bodies

Many of the great pokemon cards have released with pokemon powers and pokemon bodies. From the early days of Blastois doing a Rain Dance to the present where Claydol is staple to all decks with its Cosmic Power, there have been decks that are relying on these abilities. Try looking for pokemons with excellent poke bodies or poke powers as these cards will probably give you better chances of winning the battle.

Number 3. HP or Hit Points

Obviously, the higher the hit points of a pokemon card, the longer it'll stay in the battle. What this mean is, it can attack opponents a number of times than pokemons with a lower HP could do. However, high hit points should not be the only thing that must be considered  when looking at cards. But, when comparing two cards of the same attack points, the one with higher HP will surely be a smarter pick.